Yep, DC and Marvel.

Long ago, DC and Marvel were seperate universes. But one day, that all changed... they came together as one universe. History was rewritten. The Justice League and The Avengers co-existed, and everything and everyone of that is recorded on this wiki.

List of Earths

Earth 1- The main earth

Earth 2- World War II's JSA and Invaders

Earth 3- Evil counterparts of Earth 1's heroes

Earth 4- Simple differences in costumes and in decisions

Earth 5- A world with no krypton or superheroes

Earth 6- The USA lost the revolutionary war

Earth 7- House of M

Earth 8- DC Universe

Earth 9- The Tangent Universe

Earth 10- The Ultimate Universe

Earth 11- A reverse gender Earth

Earth 12- The Lego Universe

Earth 13- A world of vampires and the supernatural, inhabited by a vampire Batman

Earth 14- Age of Apocalypse

Earth 15- Monster Planet (Based upon old horror movies such as Godzilla)

Earth 16- Watchmen Universe

Earth 17- Consisted of the Justice Alliance of America and other analogues of heroes from Earth 1, but are more ethnically diverse

Earth 18- The Justice Riders Universe: A world where the JLA are a group of lawmen who ride the Wild West

Earth 19- Morgan le Fay's reality warp

Earth 20- Noir

Earth 21- DC: The New Fronteir Universe

Earth 22- In Darkest Knight Universe: Bruce Wayne becomes Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan

Earth 23- Mini-Marvels

Earth 24- Spider-Man never became a crime fighter

Earth 25- Tiny Titans

Earth 26- Gotham by Gaslight Universe: Batman fights Jack the Ripper in the 1880s

Earth 27- Cabel destroyed the X-Men

Earth 28- Spider-Man kept the Symbiote

Earth 29- Wonder Man saved the Avengers

Earth 30- Red Son Universe: Superman is a champion of Cold War-era Soviet Russia

Earth 31- Frank Miller's Batman universe

Earth 121- The World is torn apart by a nuclear war following the loss of the Earth's fossile fuels in the 21st century

Earth 616- The Marvel Universe

Earth 10,319,895,666- A world devoid of any life at all.

Earth 0- The Bizzaro Earth

Limbo- A Dimension Inhabited by Long Forgotten Characters

Earth Prime- Our Universe