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Welcome to the Rule Board. You must

  1. follow the heroes' rules
  2. avoid using cursing or other offenses.

Spider-Man says to be creative and embrace yourself on the wiki. Superman says to discuss possibly uncomfortable and offensive article ideas with the admin. Batman says that the content is for comic book fanon and comic book character content only and cannot include movies, TV shows, comic strips and newspaper comics, video games or any merchandise capable of starting a cycle entirely unrelated to comic books themselves, their characters, or their series.

If any trouble such as edit wars happen to occur, please contact Mr. Premiere. He knows what's up! Do not spam or have an inappropiate username. An incident occurred with a racist user named Bhiiojfr who kept making inappropiate articles. He was soon blocked, but created a sockpuppet account: v6tgt77gy. If you see an Bhiiojfr-like activity, let Mr. Premiere know.

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